Signs in Plexiglass

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Signs in Plexiglass: •  From 30x40 cm to 110x210 cm
•  Ready with chrome spacers
•  5 different materials

Realise wonderful Signs in Plexiglass with Sprint24

Signs in plexiglass are great inside commercial offices or to promote professional studios. Bigger and more voluminous compared to our Plexiglass plates, they can reach a maximum format of 100x200 cm. Particularly conceived for outer spaces, signs in plexiglass offered by Sprint24 have an exceptionnally long life: they can stand to all weather conditions for more than 10 years.

Entirely customisable, the plexiglass sign can be realised in many formats, with a vertical or horizontal orientation and a thickness of 3 or 5 mm. The signs' main applications can be found in poster advertising and for decorative purposes in stores and expositions.

In addition to signs in plexiglass, it is possible to choose signs in dibond, realised with a smart type of aluminium which particularly adapts to the promotion of more formal and demanding activities.

Print your Sign in Plexiglass or Dibond

Sprint24 gives the possibility of an online configuration on all products in catalogue to allow at most the customisation and adaptation of the selected product in every single context.

We understand very well the need to have unique advertising and promotional products to enable a deep differentiation from his own competitors. This is exactly why Sprint24 offers free advices for unique and exceptional prints. We are at your disposal to help you in setting up your product: all you have to do is indicate the format, the quantity required and the material you wish to use.

Having a customised and elegant sign in plexiglass, designed and realised by professionals with high-quality materials, is today a necessity for any activity and professional who wants to promote his business in an overcrowded market. Start right now and print your sign in plexiglass online, it's never been so easy and cheap.

Usage mode:

♦ Professional studios, stores, commercial agencies, associations, etc.
♦ To give strong identity and personality to your workplace!

Technical info:

♦ Several standard or customised formats in plexiglass or dibond.
♦ Colour printing with white background or clear.
♦ Accessories for posting also available.