Pvc large format, wrapping

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Customize and Order your Pvc stickers on Sprint24: Pvc stickers for every surface and format. Configure and Order the Print in a few clicks on Sprint24

Print pvc large format, wrapping

Where Size Matters

The large format is essential for those who want to be in the spotlight. Sprint24 is the online printing service which allows to print large formatin a simple, affordable and effcient way. Don't be limited to small things, choose to exagerate and promote your activity to be as visible as possible.

Print on large format with ultimate generation's machines

With Sprint24 you choose to follow progress and research. Our technology is at the forefront for its print machines, finishings and trimming on PVC large format. We believe that the realisation of high precision graphical and technical products with the convenience and simplicity of the web is the real future of Graphic Arts.
Send us your large format product's file, we'll think of the rest. If you're not sure your file is correct or you need technical and graphical assistance, send us you file for a pre-check and we'll follow you step by step to help you in correctly making your order.

Usage mode:
♦ Offices, companies, societies, associations, commercial activities, stores, gyms, spa, etc.
♦ For an important, visible and impactful communication.