Wrapping adhesive pvc: Cars and motorbikes

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Car Wrapping: Print online your car and motorbike adhesives: Print online your car and motorbike adhesives. Car wrapping is the latest trend to decorate your vehicle or promote your company, everywhere!

Print customised wrapping adhsevive pvc

Communication travels.

To customise the car body of your car, use Sprint24's polymer PVC adhesives: an innovative and effective way to convey your communication.

Advertising your company or business will be even easier and more cost-effective thanks to the technique of car wrapping. An easy and cost-effective way to cover your car and transform it into a mobile advertising board.

These car and motorbike decorations are of the highest quality, washable and removable. They can be customised and, in addition to their aesthetic value, they have a huge promotional function.

Wrapping adhesive pvc on Sprint24 in a comfy and easy way

Trust our staff's expertise and professionalism, configure the printing options, order and print online your car and motorbike adhesives. Unleash your artistic side and your creativity!

Usage mode:
♦ To customise your motorbike with the logo of your business. Promotion, advertising, Information in motion.

Technical Info:
♦ Customised dimension. Two different adhesive materials. Colour printing.

1 Review: Excellent

Non ho dubbi, qualità - velocità - professionalità al proprio servizio. Una tipografia molto efficente!