Adhesive PVC for flat sufaces

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Print Adhesive PVC for flat surfaces

Large format printing, a winning plan

With the large format printing you can transform the limits of a room, of a shop and of an office in dialogue and hospitality spaces. 
The adhesives PVC for flat surfaces can be applied on every flat surface such as desks, tables, wardrobes, doors, etc., they can be easily removed and they assure an impressive decoration.


Customise and order online on Sprint24 your large format printings, by choosing among different characteristics: from the shape to the glossy or matt lamination anti-abrasion, to have in a short time a product that will improve the quality of your communication.

Usage mode:
♦ Offices, professional practices, activities, shops, gyms, ballrooms, etc.
♦ Every kind of private personal use for events, furnishing and business.

Technical Info:
♦ Customised dimension. 3 different PVC at your choice. Possibility of lamination.
♦ Latex printing: non-toxic and odourless, suited for indoor usage.
♦ Durst printing: rigid and resistant, suited for outdoor usage.

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6 Reviews: Excellent

Una tipografia sempre ad alto livello di qualità, precisione e tempistica super!
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Tempi di consegna rispettati e qualità migliorata negli ultimi tempi. Consiglio.

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Siamo come sempre soddisfatti del lavoro di Sprint 24. Ottima qualità di stampa e materiali, tempi di resa come da richiesta.