Repositionable stickers

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Print Repositionable Stickers Online, it's worth it! - Sprint24: Do you have to print repositionable stickers? Choose among Sprint24's wide range of products to print your models at unbeatable prices.



The repositionable stickers are produced in pvc, allowing to attach, pull out and reattach them several times. The extreme adaptability and the possibility to replace the adhesives make their use perfect on products requiring a temporary but successful communication. They're ideal both for internal and external use, to highlight new releases, special offers and corporate logos.

The stickers you can find on Sprint24 have average durability that can go from 3 to 12 months depending on the surface on which they're used. Their application is very easy and intuitive, eased by the stiffness of the sticker itself. Furthermore, the very low initial stickyness allows to remove and use the repositionable sticker again without leaving any traces or residues. Anyway we suggest you to clean the surface on which the stickers will be applied, to guarantee a stronger efficiency and durability of the adhesive potential.


Repositionable stickers are supplied individually or as sheets with the chance to have a shaped or squared cut. In addition to Sprint24's wide catalogue, it is always possible to set up and print customised repositionable stickers. Setting up your stickers is very easy and fast, you'll just have to indicate quantity, dimension, cut and printing colours. Beyond that, to be sure the project you've made is appropriate to your business, we offer a free prepress check and consulting.

Creating stickers online has neve been so easy and fast. On Sprint24 you can always find stickers online at an unbeatable price and high-quality products. Order now and you will comfortably get your customised stickers with express delivery.

Usage mode:
♦ Perfect for products on display
♦ Ideal for shop windows

Technical infos:
♦ Mat Pvc with low adhesiveness
♦ It doesn't leave any traces or residues
♦ Shaped or squared cuts are both possible