Blocks and numbered tickets

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Customised Blocks and Numbered Tickets: High Quality Online Printing!: Customise and print online your bloks and numbered tickets on Sprint24: practical and of high quality, they will make your business more affective.
The numbers control

At the beginning there was the chaos. Then the blocks and numbered tickets were born.

Practical and effective, the blocks and numbered tickets are an essential instrument to control every occasion, event and situation. The advantageous price and usability make them indispensable for your company and your events.


Print numbered blocks on sprint24 in a cheap and easy way. If you're looking for high quality customised numbered blocks, add the product to your cart and proceed with buying. With our express delivery, your order of numbered tickets or blocks will be comfortably delivered to the adress given.

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Usage mode:
♦ management of entry flows, events etc.
♦ Receipts etc.
♦ Promotional coupons, discounts, sales etc.

Technical info:
♦ Various formats + customised formats.
♦ Various materials and printing colours.
♦ Various bindings.