Numbered tickets, entrance

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Customised Numbered Tickets: High Quality Online Printing: Customise and print online your numbered blocks on Sprint24: practical and quality, they will make your business more effective.
Dizzying numbers...

The numbered tickets are extremely useful, versatile and immediate, suitable to be used in various occasions.
Send us your file and Sprint24 will print them in high quality and will send them at the address provided by you.

Usage mode:
♦ Management of entry flows, events etc.
♦ Tickets restaurant, lotteries, cards, badges etc.

Technical info:
♦ Various formats, customised format, various materials.
♦ Piercing and anti-counterfeiting, transparent cover and under-block.
♦ Tear and numbering customisation.

Technical details:
Numbering Numbering can be incorporated in the graphic file. Numbering can be double or triple and it has to be indicated clearly and easily to read.
For example: double numbering on perforated ticket "N° 0001". NOTA BENE: Alway specify in the notes from which number you want to start.
Perforation It is possible to get up to 3 perforations on the ticket. We suggest to insert perforation in a different file to avoid confusion with the design.

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Biglietti perfetti e arrivati nei tempi stabiliti. Bei colori

Bonne transaction, délais correct

Ottimo servizio sotto tutto gli aspetti. Lo utilizzeremo nuovamente senza pensarci due volte.

Un servizio OTTIMO!!!