Blocks, post-it, notebooks

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Print online notepads, blocks, notebooks: it's advantageous!: Sprint24 is the online printing press for printing customised notepads, blocks, notebooks and carbon-copy files at small prices.
The power of writing

Every company needs to transmit its values and strenght points to its employees and customers. As the ancient wisemen said, verba volant, scripta manent! The originality, creativity and professionalism of your activity must be clearly printed to remain in the memories.

How? Customise and print blocks, notebooks, agendas, calendars, binders with your logo and marked by your slogan!

With Sprint24 you can print block-notes, notebooks and carbon-copy files by configuring them directly online. You just need to select the quantity, the dimensions and the finishes of the product and to send us the file of your graphic project. After a free basic verification, we will print and send you your products!

We assure the maximum printing quality, the use of the best materials and supports, precision and attention for the details to offer you a professional printing at affordable prices.

Find out all the products that Sprint24 thought for your business! Objects ideal for the company, gifts appreciated by your customers and employees.

Usage mode:
♦ Commercial activities, offices, personal use.
♦ Business, private, corporate gifts, personal gifts, marketing, promotions etc.

Technical info:
♦ Various standard or customised formats. Various materials and colours.
♦ Internal/external customisation. UV details, lamination, binding.