Paper Cubes Block Notes

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Paper cubes for notes: Paper Cube Block Notes: a wanderful product to keep on the desk or to give to customers which unifies usefulness and functionality. High qualiry and fast delivery!

Customised Paper Cubes Block Notes

Cubed praticality
Customised paper cubes block notes have a double functionality: comfortable reams of sheets to quickly score memos and notes or a present to give to customers and employees. Always present on office desks, the paper cube is a great product which unifies usefulness, aesthetitic and practicality. On sprint24 you can find paper cubes that you can customise as you like, with colours, logo and texture, you choose the style of your product sending us the design to print.

The characteristics of our customised paper cubes block notes make them durable and versatile. In fact they're composed of a ream of 500 squared sheets 10x10cm. Paper is of 90 gr and it is made of a standard uncoated white material, characterised by a smooth but barely irregular surface. Printing quality is naturally Sprint24's. We've done everything to create a perfect block note!

Usage mode:
♦ As a present or as a working tool
♦ For urgent notes

Technical infos:
♦ Standard formats
♦ Number of sheets blocked

♦ Caution! Glue on sheets is not provided! Maybe are you looking for post-it?