Metal Spiral Bound Notebook

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Print Online Metal Spiral Bound Notebooks at Small Prices!: On Sprint24 you can configure and order your metal spiral bound notebooks. It is easy, fast and advantageous!

Print Metal Spiral Bound Notebooks

You are not happy with the usual notebooks?
Metal spiral bound notebooks are perfect for every occasion: comfy for notes at work, practical to take rapid notes at home and versatile for your freetime. Try the spiral bound notebook and you'll be impressed by the comfort of the product. Customise your notebook inside and outside and create your original product, great for a promotional use but also as a working and corporate identity tool. On Sprint24 is easy and fast, and the result is always valuable.

Customisable Metal Spiral Bound Notebooks on Sprint24

If you also admire the ageless charm of paper, but you don't want to renounce the practicality of a modern spiral bound notebook, create your customised product online with Sprint24. Sprint24's platform is simple and intuitive, all you have to do is to select the format, the number of sheets and the cover: in a few days you'll get your spiral bound notebooks delivered to your address.

Options to choose are so many: notebook's orientation, print colours, binding, lamination, material. Whit Sprint24 the earlier you ask for printing and the more you save: hurry and print your metal spiaral bound notebook today!

Usage mode:
♦ Commercial activities, offices, personal use.
♦ Business, privates.

Technical info:
♦ Various standard or customised formats. Various materials and colours.
♦ Customisation of interior and exterior. UV details, lamination, binding.
Remember! Also the interior of the notebook has to be customised. Entrust you to our template in PDF or InDesign to create the exterior and interior that you want (lined, arithmetic etc.).

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Ottimo prodotto ed assistenza attenta, sono molto soddisfatto. E' sicuramente un prodotto che proporremo più spesso anche ai nostri clienti

Sempre stampe impeccabili e servizio preciso. Bravi!

Lavoro ben fatto, ottimo materiale.

Sprint24 è sempre una garanzia, sia come qualità della stampa che come servizio clienti. In particolare, ci tengo a ringraziarli perché ultimamente ho dovuto fare ordini davvero last-second, e sono sempre riusciti a produrre tutto e consegnare nei tempi stabiliti, anche prima del previsto! Bravi!

Servizio eccellente il prodotto é di ottima qualità e l'assistenza clienti impeccabile.