Case-bound books

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Case-bound books: Choose the convenience of online printing: Print online high quality case-bound books at great prices, with Sprint24. With just one click you can configure the printing options and send the order. Try it now!

Print case-bound books with Sprint24

The scent of paper

The case-bound books are printed products which offer unique performances in sturdiness and durability. They are a timeless symbol of elegance, often used to make prestigious volumes, classic handbooks, authour's œuvres and particularly spread for children's books.

Printing case-bound books is not only a simple typographical process to obtain a final resistant product, but a prestigious format which ennobles the publishing product and its authour.
Do you want to print something that lasts for a long time? Do you want it to be collected in a timeless format, a sign of style and authoritativeness? Case-bound books are certainly what you've been looking for!

Print your case-bound book with a hardcover, softcover and padded hardcover

On Sprint24 you can configure online in a few clicks your case-bound books.
Starting from the choice of the wished cover, available in three versions: hardcover, softcover or padded hardcover. Customise the interiors with the number of pages, printing colours (HD colours are also available) and the material of inner pages. You can also choose among many additional options to give a more elegant tone to your volume, for example, with a bound ribbon or a pocket for CDs/DVDs.

Printing precision and certified paper quality are the fundamental ingredients that ensure a high editorial quality product, at prices that are both accessible and great value!

Usage mode:
♦ Publishing houses, publications etc.
♦ Novels, tales, poems, photography etc.
♦ Books for 0 to 5-year-old children.

Technical info:
♦ Various formats or customised formats.
♦ Cover customisable with various finishes.
♦ Possibility to customise the interior by choosing the number of pages, materials and printing colours.

  9.4 / 10

7 Reviews: Excellent

Très satisfait de l'impression de mon livre.
Suivi très professionnel, à l'écoute.
Livraison sans accrocs, je recommande.

Answer Sprint24

Bonjour Samuel,
merci beaucoup de recommander notre service d'impression.
Nous restons à votre disposition.

Thank you for contacting us.
— Customer care, Sprint24.

Un immense merci à toute l'équipe Sprint24 pour son professionnalisme, que ce soit tant au niveau de la communication qu'au niveau de la production!!!! Travail parfait, nous ferons appel à vous pour notre prochain projet, soez-en sûr!!!
Toutes mes salutations!


Answer Sprint24

Bonjour Guillaume,
un très grand merci à vous pour votre avis! Nous sommes très contents d'avoir satisfait vos attentes.
Nous restons à disposition pour toute nouvelle exigence.

Thank you for contacting us.
— Customer care, Sprint24.

Très bonne qualité de réalisation, aide en ligne, résultat très bien.
Quelques exemplaires rayés, l'emballage n'est pas assez protégé !

Personale estremamente disponibile, gentile e competente! Hanno risposto ogni mio dubbio e seguito ogni mia richiesta con professionalità. Ora attendo la stampa della tiratura finale, ma sono molto fiduciosa!

Decisamente consigliati

Realizzazione eccellente, colori fedeli all'impaginato e ottima la stampa, rilegatura impeccabile e ben realizzata. Un libro è arrivato al contrario ma ce n'era persino qualcuno in più quindi tutto di guadagnato. Ottimo lavoro!