Desk Calendars - Customisable template

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Desk Calendars - Customisable template: • A year of freedom
• Number of pages and format at your choice
• 366 days all to create

Print Customisable Desk Calendars online

Freedom at the time of printing

The Desk Calendars – Customisable Template are the best product for those who have strong graphic and printing familiarity and knowledge. They can be set up in dimensions, paper quality and number of sheets, characteristics which make them free from any standard. The total independence from configuration is associated to the artistic and graphic freedom, whick make this product a unique and unmistakable tool.

Strengthen your brand identity and your communication with customisable desk calendars.

Print customisable desk calendars with Sprint24

The Customisable Desk Calendars are a premium product because it is set up and realised following every technical recommendation given by the customer. This way layout and design are completely free and entrusted and our templates will work as simple guidelines to ease production.

Usage mode:
♦ Stores, offices, recreational and professional activities, technical studios, business.
♦ Privates and homes. Presents and offers of associations and foundations.

Technical info:
♦ Free customisation of cover and interiors. Paper, grammage, finishings, number of sheets... everything is of your choice for a total setting freedom!

  9.8 / 10

12 Reviews: Excellent

Ottima assistenza da parte del personale di supporto, stampa di buona qualità.
Soddisfatto e consigliato!

Professionalità, possibilità di modifiche rispetto allo standard offerto dal sito,
qualità alta rispetto al costo sostenuto, cortesia.
I due calendari (punto metallico e da tavolo ) come da layout. Grazie!

Le service de Sprint24 a été très à l'écoute. Nous avons reçu le produit dans les temps, de très bonne qualité, avec un rendu très chouette. Nous en sommes ravis. Nous recommandons Sprint24 pour vos réalisations.

Tutto perfetto, sia per quanto riguarda la qualità del prodotto sia riguardo tempistiche e workflow.

Ottima qualità e puntualità