Wrapping Paper


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Wrapping Paper: • Donate your brand!
• Great for business gadgets
• Especially conceived paper
Message in a... gift!

“Oh... what a beautifl gift! I did not expect it! It is wonderful! Thank you!”

Receiving a gift is a new and unexpected sensation and it is and extremely positive moment that we often feel in our life. Why not use these beautiful emotions?

The Wrapping Paper plays on emotions, impact and surprise, by associating the sensation of a good moment with your logo or your name. Moreover it is a simple and immediate way to communicate a message, an advertisement and to thank the people that we consider important.

The print is of high quality, the paper is specially chosen to be easy to handle and the graphic design... the most important part is your creativity!

Usage mode:
♦ Offices, commercial activities, personal use, business, etc.

Technical info:
♦ Uncoated light wrapping paper.
♦ Possibility to have particular finishes.
♦ 4 ready Templates: Dauphine, Denda, Chris, Santa