Carbon paper blocks and booklets

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Carbon paper blocks and booklets: •  Contracts and forms bound with glue or rip
•  Realised in carbon paper of 2/3/4 copies
•  Used for orders, receipts


The carbon paper blocks and booklets are made of a special carbon paper which allows to duplicate what was written on the following sheet. Duplication can result very useful to store documents or to quickly offer a bill's copy to a customer. They're perfect for offices, stores and freelancers who need to accelerate the activities of documents' duplication.

Carbon paper blocks can be used in a company for different administrative or commercial purposes: for invoices, tax receipts, transport documents and much more. The
carbon paper blocks available on Sprint24 can have different formats: from 25 to 50 booklets, with or without perforation, with head staples or end-jointed.

Carbon paper booklets are instead more used to duplicate contracts and certifications. In many cases it is very important to leave a trace of the content of a file or an agreement just signed. The carbon paper booklets you can find in our catalogue can have different dimensions, coloured or white paper, progressive or regressive numbering.


On Sprint24 you can find a wide range of high quality carbon paper blocks and booklets at a really competitive price. As an alternative, you can set up and print online carbon paper blocks and booklets in a fast and easy way. All you have to do is choose the material and specify format and quantity needed.

We're at your disposal to help you with your product's settings: you can always ask for free consulting and checking, our technicians and creators are ready to answer to any questions and to suggest you the best support to print carbon paper blocks and booklets. All the orders made on Sprint24 are delivered with express courier,so you'll receive the products directly at the address given.

Usage mode:
♦ Privates, offices, freelancers, stores, associations, foundations, etc.
♦ Copies of orders, contracts, invoices, tax receipts, transport documents, etc.

Technical info:
♦ Different dimensions, sheets, materials and print colours.
♦ Block with sheets at your choice, white or coloured paper, front/rear printing and numbering.
♦ Customisable perforation and binding.