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Cards and Invitations. Print Online!: Print your Cards with the online service of Sprint24. You can print all the cards you want with profssional quality!
always and only cardboard!

You have just created a beautiful graphics, right? A good work with an incredible design and a mervelous image to be printed, is not a visit card, a flyer nor a poster... it is something out of the schemes!

When you grope around in the printing press world, Sprint24 has the right product for you: cards!

Cards are all you need: various types of paper and paper weights and thicknesses, different dimensions, various printing methods and various uses! It is the highest expression of Printing Freedom, because cards are a unique printed without constraints... just the thing for you! Cardboard is free, free as you that you created it!

Create your cards with our best papers and trust in the professionalism and in the quality of the contemporary printing of Sprint24, configure online your product and receive your favourite Cards at the address provided by you.

Usage mode:
♦ Every idea, a use!
Suited for every usage, from the ticket to the invitation, from the presentation to the flyer, from the personal gift to the professional use.

Technical info:
♦ Various paper weights, types of paper and customisable dimensions!
Fold and lamination for every need!

  9.1 / 10

23 Reviews: Excellent

Precisi, veloci e affidabili. Ho ordinato gli inviti e le partecipazioni per il mio matrimonio; ho caricato i file seguendo le istruzioni e il risultato mi ha lasciato senza parole. Mi servirò ancora di Sprint24, ne sono certo!

Stampa di buona qualità e tempi di consegna rispettati

Ottima qualità di stampa e tempistiche sempre rispettate!!! consigliato anche per la professionalità e disponibilità degli operatori.

Lavoro perfetto da tutti i punti di vista!
Stampato veramente bene e consegnato in maniera puntualissima!

Abbiamo fatto stampare gli inviti per il nostro matrimonio. Stampa molto buona, verifica degli esperti immediata, materiale ottimo e tempi di consegna molto più rapidi rispetto alla data stimata!

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