Letterpress cards

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Letterpress: the Syle in your Pocket directly Online with Sprint24: For a twist of class, print your business cards in low relief letterpress with Sprint24
Letterpress: the pleasure of senses between tradition and modernity

Letterpress is a printing technique that uses text and images in relief to create on cotton paper a unique and original sensory game.

Printing your visit cards with the letterpress technique means to give value to your person or activity with new visual and tactile sensations. Only with the letterpress printing you can customize your business cards with unique finishes such as coloured edges: the outline of your card will have beautiful colours that mark an evidence.

With Sprint24 printing your cards with the letterpress technique is easy and fast! You can configure your order online in a few steps and send us the file of your graphic project! We will make a basic free verification of the file and we will print the cards that you will receive at your place.

To be different from all the others, to transmit all the quality of your work, the attention for the details and the taste that mark you, choose the letterpress technique: the meeting point between tradition and modernity in a unique print.

Usage mode:
♦ Organizations, commercial activities, privates, companies, associations etc.
♦ Personal cards for professionals, personal business cards.
♦ Events, shows, performances etc.

Technical info:
♦ Cotton paper. Standard formats. 2 materials, 2 grammature.
♦ Blind (without colours) or different Pantone colours available.
♦ Hot foil stamping or dry printing. Rounded corners available.