Small Flat Unfinished Sheets

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Small Flat Unfinished Sheets: Print online, it's better value for money!: Print online entire small flat unfinished sheets bulking with Sprint24. Enter and discover all the services of our online printing press: quality at the right price.
Small sheets, big prints

The Small Flat Unfinished Sheets are an extremely versatile and useful product for printers and Graphic Arts professionals. Smaller print formats allow to optimise little format's processing so as to get practicality and saving.

The Flat Unfinished Sheet is a product for this field's professionals, who can independently provide for the correct setting of the printing processes, for staging and cut. The Large Flat Unfinished Sheet can be enhanced by finishings and screen printing, with true offset printing details!

Sprint24 has consolidated great expertise over the years in the printing industry, and guarantees to its clients professional and optimum results, qualified assistance and traditional typographic finishings.

Usage mode:
♦ Printing presses, printshops, printing professionals etc.

Technical info:
DIGITAL printing for a few copies, optimised OFFSET for medium or higher print runs
♦ Various standard formats. Various types of paper, paper weight and printing colours.
♦ Precious finishes with UV glossy details, lamination, hot foil printing and shaped cut.
!ATTENTION! We deliver flat unfinished sheets. Trim must be done by customers.

Graphic info:
♦ Attach to the order prepared and optimised files. Our Graphic/Prepress Department will provide to check whether the files are good for printing.
♦ Ready layouts to use as guide lines, to specify the printable areas, stapling, etc.

5 Reviews: Excellent

Tipografia di qualità! Disponibilità, cortesia, competenza e professionalità! Oramai è da anni che sono i miei fornitori di fiducia e nel tempo aumentano la qualità e confezione. Contatto da tenere valido per qualsiasi necessità tipografica!

Answer Sprint24

Buongiorno Alex,
siamo lieti di continuare a soddisfare le sue esigenze, e la ringraziamo molto per voler consigliare la nostra tipografia!

Thank you for contacting us.
— Customer care, Sprint24.

Ordino di solito fogli macchina da 5 anni qua, ho avuto sempre la qualità e disponibilità assicurata!

Sempre puntuali e stampa di qualità!

Non ho dubbi, qualità - velocità - professionalità al proprio servizio. Una tipografia molto efficente!

Très bonne qualité d'impression (j'ai choisi l'option couleurs HD) et beau papier.