Extra thick cards

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Print Online Cards and Flyers 400 gr. at Affordable Prices!: Promote your activity and print online on Sprint24 your cards and flyers 400 gr. A quality printing service, fast and at affordable prices.

Print extra thick cards online

Thick and resistant

Do you want something different from the usual flyers? Choose the extra thick cards of 400 gr. Ideal to promote an event or your company, they assure more strength and durability.

Enter the quantity, the format and send us your file. We will print your extra thick cards on quality materials and they will be promptly delivered to the address provided by you.

Print high quality extra thick cards on Sprint24

The basic verification of the file is included but if you are not sure of your project, you can ask for a professional verification from one of our professionals. Our graphic lab is at your disposal!

Usage mode:
♦ For every promotion and business. A product with more strenght for indoor and outdoor situations.

Technical info:
♦ 7 standard formats in matt coated paper 400gr.
♦ Double-sided or single side coulour printing.

  9.7 / 10

15 Reviews: Excellent

Molto soddisfatto del prodotto ricevuto, dell'assistenza ricevuta in fase di progettazione, della gentilezza e cortesia del personale.
Anche il rapporto qualità/prezzo lo considero positivo.

Sito facile da utilizzare. Spedizione rapida e qualità di stampa alta. Di più non si può chiedere

Ottimo prodotto e perfetta puntualità

Ottimo prodotto e tempi di consegna

Ottimo servizio e qualità lo consiglio a tutti