tailored posters

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Print tailored posters: Print Online at unbeatable prices!: Print online your tailored posters. Sprint24 is the online typography which offers the best performances at unbeatable prices!

Print tailored posters online

Tailor-made communication

Do you have a poster of a particular format?
Do not give up on creativity! With tailored posters you can insert the size you prefer up to the maximum format of 150x200 cm.

Choose among classical papers or mat PVC depending on your needs.

Order now and you'll get your tailored posters directly to the address provided.

Usage mode:
♦ Events, advertising, marketing, indoor, stores, commercial activities, etc.

Technical info:
♦ Various standard or customisable formats. Different materials, grammes and printing colours.

4 Reviews: Excellent

I prodotti arrivati in tempo! Qualità perfetta! Grazie

Non ho dubbi, qualità - velocità - professionalità al proprio servizio. Una tipografia molto efficente!

Ottima qualità, colori brillanti

I prodotti rispecchiano le mie aspettative. Ottimo servizio di assistenza, anche con acquisto "promo" e "flexi".