Splendorgel Avorio Series

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Order Online your Splendorgel Avorio envelopes on Sprint24: Delicate color and velvety paper. Add your details to the splendorgel Avorio envelopes on Sprint24: the quality is online.
The lightness of Ivory. The delicay of splendor

The choice to combine your communication with a slightly ivory Splendorgel Avorio envelope repays immediately. It is impossible not to notice the delicacy of light opal ivory just as it is not possibile not to appreciate to the touch, a smooth and velvety paper that can ensure a perfect printing.

A few touches of customisation for a wonderful result: different formats, also with the opening on the short side, front/rear print, even in colours and Pantone colours and relief printing thanks to the letterpress technique. Everything completely online on Sprint24 and delivery by courier. The style just a click away.

Usage mode:
♦ Letters, news, communications, documents, alerts etc.
Special events, meetings, parties, weddings, conferences etc.

Technical info:
♦ Various colours on both sides and standard formats.
♦ Thermal embossing and hot foil printing to get more style and elegance.
Remember! Download the PDF layout to help you in the composition of your file without making mistakes.