Woodstock betulla Series

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Woodstock Betulla Envelopes: Order Online on Sprint24: Eclectic and ecological. Make your envelopes Woodstock Betulla unique on Sprint24: online it is advantageous
First of all the respect for the environment

Woodstock Betulla Series is an envelope that inspires naturalness and cordiality. Composed by 80% of recycled and by 20% of EFC pure cellulose, with the characteristic light wood mottled colour, the Woodstock Betulla Series envelope is suited for any usage, thanks to the essentiality not without charisma, light and gentle. For this it results great to containmarketing material but also for invitations and personal letters.

On Sprint24 you can order your Woodstock Betulla envelopes and make them special with a high quality printing, also with Pantone colours, or with the relief printing option, thanks to the letterpress machines, perfect low-relief printings. Everything online: Sprint24 is the natural choiche for your quality communications.

Usage mode:
♦ Documents, alerts, letters, news, communications etc.
♦ Advertising, promotions etc.
♦ Events, conferences, parties etc.

Technical info:
♦ Various colours on both sides and standard formats.
♦ Hot foil printing to get more elegance and style.
Remember! Download the PDF layout to help you to customise your product!