Splendorgel Extra White Series

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Customize your Splendorgel Extra White envelopes on Sprint24: A delicate paper, a unique white. The Splendorgel Extra White series envelopes are online on Sprint24 also with embossed printing.
Beyond th elight

Wrap your shipments of light. The envelopes Splendorgel Extra White series have really exceptional characteristics: papervery smooth to the touch, a wonderful white and an almost perfect offset printing spelling. But it does not take much to reach the maximum value: exploit the letterpress technique to make relief printings, even in colour with hot foil stamping.

The opportunity to give a touch of quality is now online. On Sprint24 with only a few indications, targeted choices and the submission of the graphic design, you will obtain a product of great quality and with an unparalled printing performance.

Usage mode:
♦ Documents, alerts, letters, news, communications etc.
♦ Communications, parties, weddings, conferences, special events, meetings etc.

Technical info:
♦ Various colours for both sides and standard formats.
♦ Thermal embossing and hot foil stamping to get more elegance and style.
Rememner! Download the PDF layout to help you in the composition of your file without making mistakes.

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Sprint24 è sempre una garanzia per qualità dei prodotti e assistenza al cliente. Ultimamente capita qualche lieve slittamento delle consegne, ma sono pronti ad avvisare e tutto viene sempre ben gestito. Bravi!

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