Acquerello Bianco

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Main characteristics

Type: Natural
Surface: embossed with parallel lines
Thickness: from 100 to 390 gr
Uses: ideal for printing invitations, business cards and precious covers.
Notes: Not recommended for lamination and UV details.
Producer: Fedrigoni

The horizontal or vertical orientation of the lines may vary according to the printing needs.

When to use it

Acquerello Bianco paper, with its striped texture, is the right choice for products such as classic business cards, invitations, wedding invitations and luxury covers.

Chromatic results

Printing on Acquerello Bianco paper will be characterized by not very saturated colors, but perfect texts.

Graphics and layout

Given the macroporous surface of the paper, lamination should be avoided as it would not adhere totally to the support. The printing of images and photographs is to be considered peculiar, since the texture will be visible and give a very specific effect.
Painting with UV glossy details is not recommended.


Acquerello Bianco paper is certainly of value for graphics that focus on written text and not on the color rendering of images, therefore avoid too complicated graphics.
It is a natural paper and for this reason it is easily writable: therefore very suitable for appointment, business and similar cards.

💚 Peculiar and elegant.
🧡 Soft colors and texture visible in the images.