Glossy coated - Symbol Gloss

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Main features

Type: Coated
Surface: smooth on both sides with Gloss finish
Thickness: from 90 to 400 gr
Uses: used for all printed matter in general, enhances colors and allows the best photographic performance. Particularly suitable for solid backgrounds due to its homogeneous printing.
Manufacturer: Fedrigoni

When to use it

Symbol Gloss, better known as Glossy Coated, is the paper for magazines, brochures, photographic catalogs, par excellence. Vivid colors, smooth to the touch and with timeless characteristics, it is even brighter with its particular finish.

Chromatic results

Bright, saturated colors, perfect for photographs, illustrations and faithful reproductions: it is the half-sister of the Matte Coated, with which it shares the same characteristics but a glossy finish.

graphics and layout

The choice between this option or its Matte version is simply a matter of taste, as even the Symbol Gloss does not fear solid colors, vivid and deep colors or photographs.


When folding, we recommend to die score grammages greater than 170 gr.

💚 Vivid colors
🧡 Reflective