Freelife Vellum White

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Main characteristics

Type: Natural
Surface: slightly rough
Thickness: from 100 to 320 gr
Uses: ideal for printing invitations, folders, brochures and prestigious publishings.
Manufacturer: Fedrigoni

Recycled mixed fibers and FSC

when to use it

Freelife Vellum White paper is a slightly rough paper that gives elegance, prestige and strength. The right support for fine bindings, but also corporate coordinates, business cards and textbooks.

Chromatic results

Like Freelife Cento, it is a paper with the presence of recycled material in the mixture and therefore slight variations in color and the presence of some dark spots may occur between one production and another. It is therefore a "dirty" white, slightly tending to light yellow.

graphics and layout

This is a macroporous paper: for this reason, avoid lamination which would poorly adhere to the support. However, it is an excellent ally in the main manufacturing processes: cutting, die-cutting, creasing, folding and gluing.
Solid backgrounds are not recommended, both because of the color of the support that would affect them, and because of the porosity of the paper that would make them softer and less saturated.


Excellent for textbooks, not recommended for photographs and images.

💚 Unique tactile and aesthetic sensation.
🧡 Uneven color.