Matte coated - Symbol Satin

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Main features

Type: Coated
Surface: smooth on both sides with Satin finish
Thickness: from 90 to 400 gr
Uses: used for all printed matter in general, enhances colors and allows the best photographic performance. Particularly suitable for solid backgrounds due to its homogeneous printing.
Manufacturer: Fedrigoni

When to use it

Symbol Satin, better known as Matte Coated, is the paper for magazines, brochures, photographic catalogs par excellence. Vivid colors, smooth to the touch and with timeless characteristics.

Chromatic results

Practically the opposite of uncoated paper: here we find vivid, saturated colors, perfect for foographies, illustrations and faithful reproductions.

graphics and layout

If you choose the Matte coated - Symbol satin, you will not have to fear solid backgrounds or graphics full of color. Perfect for any type of lamination, the film adheres perfectly to the support without creating imperfections of any kind.


When folding, we recommend to die score gramamges higher than 170 g.

💚 Vivid colors
🧡 Plain paper