Sirio black black

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Type: Natural
Surface: smooth slightly rough
Thickness: from 70 to 700 gr
Uses: ideal for printing luxury business cards, original invitations,
Producer: Fedrigoni

FSC certified black cardboard

When to use it

Black always represents elegance and value: if this is what you want to convey with your prints, you cannot do without Sirio Black Black. Business cards, luxury covers, special invitations are just some of the uses.

Chromatic results

It only supports white printing, finishes such as hot foil stamping in various colours or UV glossy details.

Graphics and layout

Sirio Black Black paper does not need complicated or excessive graphics: it is already an integral part of the design itself. We recommend not using too thin lines or too small characters as they would be illegible.


Essential means elegance

💚 Pure refinement.
🧡 Four-colour process not supported.