Tintoretto Gesso

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Main features

Type: Natural
Surface: Embossed with light hammering
Thickness: from 95 to 350 g (weights above 230 g are obtained by wet coupling during the formation phase)
Uses: ideal for printing invitations, business cards, letterheads and company coordinates in general.
Producer: Fedrigoni

The product is completely biodegradable and recyclable FSC

When to use it

The Tintoretto Gesso with its characteristic texture, lends itself very well to high-quality prints to which you want to give a strong material meaning.

chromatic results

Unlike its colleague, Tintoretto Gesso has a good white point and, thanks to its texture, it lends itself perfectly to fine art prints and the like.

graphics and layout

It is a macroporous paper: for this reason, avoid lamination which would not be able to adhere perfectly to the support, creating unaesthetic bubbles . However, it is an excellent ally in the main packaging processes: cutting, die cutting, creasing, folding and gluing. Full backgrounds are not recommended, as the porosity of the paper would make them softer and less saturated.


Excellent for books or valuable and artistic publications. Photographic printing is not recommended.

💚 Artistic
🧡 Soft colors