Gmund Cotton Linen Cream

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Main characteristics

Type: natural
Surface: smooth
Thickness: from 300 to 900 gr
Uses: ideal for letterpress printing of cards and invitations. Its thickness allows to emboss it with delicate high and low relief effects
Manufacturer: Gmund

When to use it

Extremely elegant, Gmung Cotton is the paper for letterpress printing par excellence. It is used for prestigious business cards, refined wedding invitations or special invitations.

Chromatic results

It only supports the Pantone print, black or high and low relief embossing which are characteristics of this support as well as some ennobling.

Graphics and layout

As a result, letterpress printing and Gmund Cotton Linen Cream can boast not only a visual experience but also a very particular tactile one. Soft and sturdy paper, it also lends itself very well to hot foil stamping and embossing for very high quality.


Using "blind" graphics (ie without coloring but only embossed on the paper) will make your printed matter even more special: texts, patterns and small details to make a difference.

💚 Pure elegance.
🧡 Four-color process not supported.