Synaps - polyester

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Main Features

Type: Synthetic polyester base
Surface: smooth and opaque
Thicknes : from 135 to 450 gr
Uses: ideal for prints for external use.
Notes: tear resistant.
Producer: Agfa

When to use it

Agfa Synaps paper is a synthetic material which, being particularly resistant to atmospheric agents, tears and rain, is excellent for outdoor printed material.

Chromatic results

The colors are bright, thanks to a coating that characterizes both sides and gives uniformity to the different palettes. High white point

Graphics and layout

The Synaps surface is particularly smooth and allows excellent printing results. Also highly recommended for photographic prints.


Do not use Synaps for die-cut products, but obtain the maximum performance of this support with colored and particular prints.

💚 Synthetic product, paper performance.
🧡 Not suitable for packaging