Polyester sticker Synaps

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Main characteristics

Type: Adhesive
Surface: smooth with Satin finish
Thickness: 135 gr
Uses: used for stickers of all uses, both commercial and technical. Its tear resistance makes it particularly long lasting
Note: Support without back-cuts.
Producer: Agfa

When to use it

It is a synthetic paper polyester based, perfect for adhesives that must resist long, characterised by its satin finish.

Chromatic results

The colors will be bright and well defined, to be exploited to the best with pop graphics and colored logos.

Graphics and layout

There are no big limits in the use of the Synaps Sticker, and indeed, thanks to a particular layer of material, it is also possible to write on it.


For long-lasting adhesives, excellent for cars and motorcycles stickers.

💚 Ultra resistant
🧡 Cheaper than other adhesive papers.