Coated paper stycker

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Type: Sticker
Surface: smooth on the front with Satin finish
Thickness: 90 gr
Uses: used for stickers and adhesives of all uses, both commercial and technical
Producer: Fedrigoni

When to use it

In general, paper stickers are the most suitable choice for products, letters and commercialpackaging labels.

Chromatic results

Thanks to its coated finish, the colors are vivid and quite defined, perfect if you want to keep the paper as a support, without resorting to PVC.

Graphics and layout

There are no big limits with this type of support, except that of keeping lines and traces not too thin on full backgrounds.


Make the most of your sticker, whether as a gadget or a packaging sticker, stickers have now become cool objects!

💚 Cool
🧡 Beware of lines and traces