Uncoated paper sticker

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Type: Sticker
Surface: Smooth on the front with natural finish
Thickness: 90 gr
Uses: used for stickers and adhesives of all uses, both commercial and technical
Producer: Fedrigoni

When to use it

Excellent for labeling packagings of various kinds, thanks to its natural finish. Easily writable.

Chromatic results

Since it is an uncoated adhesive paper, colors will be little saturated and tenuous.

Graphics and layout

Since it is a support with a natural finish, avoid also in this case full backgrounds and too thin lines.


the Uncoated Paper Sticker is the best ally for labels related to Ecology and Organic products and for everything that has to do with nature (eg. Food packaging, Cosmetic products, etc.).

💚 Natural stroke
🧡 Beware of lines and solid backgrounds