Variable data

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To each is own!

Variable Data are a printing technique which allow to customise prints with always different data. Both as alphanumeric data and as graphic systems with identification codes, this treatment allow to individually customise every printed material and to link it to unique informations.

Examples of variable data are alphanumeric codes, barcodes, qrcodes ans lists of addresses.

Variable data are used when you want to distinguish evry single print to associate it to a customer, product or service. They're useful in many situations, as for promotional purposes like coupons, discount couchers, to make distinctions among products, like qrcodes or barcodes, and to choose the addressee, using a list of addresses.

Usage mode:
♦ All the activities. For products, services, customers, associates, etc.
♦ For loyalty techniques, marketing, fundraising, product labeling, coupons, unique discount vouchers, fidelity programs, etc.

Technical Info:
♦ Variable data must be sent in excel files autonomously created by the customer. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service to