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Orders that arrive by 8:00 are processed by 17:00 of the following day*. In fact from 14:00 they are acquired and processed by the prepress department so that production starts by 8:00 of the following day at the latest. All orders arriving after 8:00 are considered as sent the next day. The same rules apply to reckoning for more than one day.

* Not all products can be printed within 24 hours.
Printing times are indicated in the product selection page.

Sprint24 is supported by Bartolini, Gls, Dhl, all services which ship documents and parcels all over Italy in 24 hours, islands included. Delivery is completed within the first working day after that of collection (in 2 days for the islands and Calabria). Saturday and holidays are excluded and an exception is made for some smaller locations.

Sprint24 shall not be responsible for delays due to technical problems with the sent files or in deliveries on the part of third party couriers.












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File before 8:00
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In this section you will find the answers to the questions our customer support service is asked most frequently.
Please contact us without delay if you cannot find the answer you seek.

Why do I have the right to a discount if I wait for a few days?
Sprint24 sustains fixed and variable costs for producing your order. Waiting a few days allows us to print your order together with others, so we share the incidence of fixed costs.
How do I pay for my printed goods?
Payment can be settled by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), bank transfer, cash on delivery at home or at your office or by cash, cheque or credit card at our premises.
Is the credit card payment system secure?
Sprint24 has decided to implement a radical choice with regard to security. We do not accept personal details and credit card numbers in our internet site, payment is made by Paypal, the most used credit card payment tool on the internet.
When will I receive my printed goods?
Files arriving by 8:00 a.m. are printed the day after arrival and delivered to TNT by 18:00, the objective of which is to guarantee delivery within the next 24 hours.
Can I receive my printed goods where I want?
Our delivery service allows printed goods to be received all over the national territory both to the address you entered upon registration and another entered at the time of ordering.
How can I contact you in the case of problems with the order?
After making the order you can call +39 06 594 2860 and enquire about the status of the order or control the status of delivery using the monitoring code sent to you by e-mail.
Which resolution is required to obtain excellent prints?
Quality depends on the quantity of pixels in the image in relation to the printing format. The resolution of the image should be between 250-300 dpi (300 dpi is ideal). A higher resolution would only make the file bigger without improvements in printing. To check resolution and re-digitise the images with Adobe Photoshop see what to attach.
Apart from the resolution of the images what should I check?
The quality of a print does not depend solely on resolution. See also what to attach.
Can I reduce the time for sending the file (upload)?
It is hard to reduce upload times without an ADSL connection. Our advice is to compress the work and then send the file (zip, rar, sit).
How long are the printed files kept for?
Promotional and digital printed matter are kept on our server for about 2 months, whereas institutional printed matter is stored in our archives.