Freedom of press

For us at Sprint24 freedom of press is a daily job which we continuously refine by developing articles of all kinds which are always new, with more than 400 options to meet your needs of communication.

Whether the menu for your restaurant or a declaration of human rights, the important thing is that you are able to communicate it in the best possible way.

And if freedom of press must come at a price, then let it be the fairest price possible. Try the on-line estimate, or call us on : you will find that you can print how much you want with the highest quality and in a convenient way.

This does not only mean saying what we want, but being able to do so using all means.

Freedom of press
Discover a new way to print

Freedom of press

We offer all our products online with technical fact sheets and transparent prices so you feel free to communicate as you wish.

The highest quality

Our aim is to always release fine, intriguing prints and before you, we have to like them first.

Our commitment

We handle your needs and your orders with the greatest attention, however if there were any disservices we are ready to correct them or reprint.

Connecting with you

Your orders are traced by a management system developed by our company which allows orders, invoices and delivery to be managed in one prior entry. In your personal page you can access all your data and choose to be constantly updated by our email and sms notification system.

Assisting you

We are a group of people who are ready and prepared in order to solve any requirement, try calling use or contacting us via the web.

Realizing personalized products

There are over 5,000 articles available online, but if you cannot find the format, product or process you seek, contact us without hesitation and we shall send you an ad hoc estimate.

Offering special works

First and foremost we are typographers and for this reason we offer you the best printing techniques: offset printing, Pantone printing; hot printing; dry printing; embossed printing; digital printing; matt, gloss and soft touch lamination; standard and embossed UV spot polishing; management of variable data; punching.

Always exploiting personalised solutions in the best way

We have always been flanked by the world leader Heidelberg for the printing and finishing sector; digital printing on the other hand is assigned to Xerox with the very latest laser printing technology using Igen4 matt toner.

Respect the environment

We select the best paper in terms of quality, productive performance and respect for the environment, so our paper originates from papermakers and distributors who comply with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) system: a trademark which identifies products containing wood originating from correctly and responsibly managed forests according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102 4 colors 72x102cm
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 4 colors 36x52cm
  • Heidelberg Platina 1 colors, hot printing 25x35cm
  • Xerox Igen 4 4 colors 36.4x66 cm
  • Xerox Igen 5 4 colors 36.4x66 cm
  • Xerox 1000i HD 4 colors 33x48 cm
  • Durst P10 4 colors + white, 205cm
  • HP Latex 370 8 colors 167cm
  • Heidelberg Platina hot printing - punch 25x35cm
  • Heidelberg Cylinder punch 56x77cm
  • Heidelberg Stahlfolder 74 folder
  • Heidelberg Polar 75 e Polar 115 paper cutter
  • Zund M1600 cutting system
  • Mimaki CG130 cutting plotter
  • Horizon Hotmelt Binder
  • Horizon Cucipiega Punto Metallico

Being successful with Sprint24

Being successful with Sprint24

A 360° solution for graphic studies, photocopy shops and sector operators.

Sprint24 is a mixture of IT, printing technology and marketing, the only one of its kind in Italy.

  • Many companies offer offset or digital printing services or prepress services.
  • Many companies publish an online price list, with the possibility of ordering via the web.
  • Not many have a price list to the public and a specific programme for resellers.
  • Very few have order tracking from issue to delivery.
  • Only one offers you all of the above: Sprint24

The idea is simple: centralise production, services and marketing and decentralise the sales and distribution network.