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Customized Notebooks: Print Online it is Worthwhile!: Print online your customized notebooks on Sprint24! Make them unique at an umbeatable price!

Print Moleskine online

The scent of old paper!

With Sprint24 give birth to beautiful customisable Moleskine!
Famous for centuries as personal and travel journal but versatile enough to be still used today on working places, the moleskine is an object with a strong appeal and incredibly charming. Used by the most famous writers, travelers, philosophers and artists even today its name evokes adventure, poetry and suggestion.

If you want to make a gift with a travel notebook, for work or for free time choose a customisable model and create it online with Sprint24. With our platform you can print a special and unique customised moleskine in every detail.

Customisable Moleskine with Sprint24

Our moleskine presents a soft cover which makes it flexible and extremely versatile, protected by a rubber band preventing its sudden opening. The Binding, also know as "Dutch", allows a strong endurance of pages to the spine of the volume to be sure not to lose a single page. You decide what your Moleskine will look like, in fact on Sprint24's platform you have the faculty to choose among many settings available and to give birth to a customised moleskine to use as a diary, agenda, block notes, notebook with your company logo and so much more!

Usage mode:
♦ Privates, companies, associations, foundations, organizations etc.
♦ Private diary, travel journal, personal Moleskine, gift etc.

Technical info:
♦ Various standard or customised formats. Various materials and colours.
♦ Customisation interior/exterior. UV details, lamination, binding. Customise the closure elastic.
Remember! Also the inside of the notebook has to be customised. Rely on our PDF or InDesign template and create the interior and exterior that you want (lined, arithmetic etc.)

2 Reviews: Excellent

Ottima lavorazione. Assistenza eccellente (mi hanno corretto alcuni errori importanti nei files). Tempi di consegna rispettati a pieno.
Non metto 5 stelle solo per i prezzi, forse un po' alti.
Comunque consigliato.

Abbiamo voluto ordinare dei taccuini personalizzati e ci siamo imbattuti in Sprint24. Pur essendo quasi assoluti sconosciuti del mondo della grafica, abbiamo realizzato il layout dei nostri taccuini, grazie alle istruzioni molto dettagliate disponibili sul sito. Un aiuto da parte dei tecnici di Sprint24, una sistematina grafica e in pochi giorni ci sono arrivati i tanto attesi taccuini. Siamo assolutamente soddisfatti del prodotto. Grazie!