Post-it notes

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Adhesive notes

Everyone knows that post-it are used to take quick notes. But not only...

Post-it also have another function: they are a good marketing instrument! They can be attached averywhere, they are small and handy and they are used for clear and direct messages! what better instrument to promote your business?

Post-it notes customised with your logo are very useful gadgets, as they will always be present in your clients' offices. They are available in various formats and different colour papers, to make their use even more practical and effective.

Usage mode:
♦ Commercial activities, offices, personal usage.
♦ Business, Privates.

Technical info:
♦ Various formats and printing colours.

1 Review: Very good

Working with Sprint was almost perfect. They had good customer service; called when they thought something did not look good printed... Everything was perfect except the first shipment... It did not reach me on time. I am not sure whether this was a problem with the delivery company or Sprint... but the it was resolved and arrived the next day. Which was cutting it very close as I was leaving the same day for a trip... But the second package arrived on time.