Wall Calendars - template 7 sheets

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Wall Calendars - template 7 sheets: •  Choose your template
•  For cabinets, homes etc.
•  Easy to customise!
Seven sheets for twelve months

Every calendar has its own usefulness and reason to exist. The Wall Calendar 7 sheets (14 pages/façades) was made to be immediate, simple to realise, effective and economical. It is the perfect print for those who wish to have a product to enhance with an excellent graphic design.

In fact, the Wall Calendar is the print of the Calendar category with the lowest number of sheets and thus is particularly suited for those who want to spend less while communicating to their clients and collaborators that they are important.

The high quality of the paper, of the print and of the finishes, will make of this product an object of high communicative impact and design, enhanced by the beauty of the 7 different ready templates that we have chosen for you!

Usage mode:
♦ Shops, offices, recreational and professional activities, technical practices, business.
♦ Home and office decoration, privates and housing. Gifts and offers of associations and foundations.

Technical info:
♦ Selection of paper, paper weight and finishes.
♦ 7 ready Templates: Kebby, Lato, Wonderwall, Dubiel, Raleway, Nelson, Roboto

  9.1 / 10

9 Reviews: Excellent

A parte il ritardo della consegna, tutto bene. Grazie.

Très belle qualité de papier et d’impression

Rapporto qualità prezzo davvero ottimo!
Consegnati prima della "data di consegna" prevista.

Il Calendario UILDM 2020 è giunto in tempo. è bellissimo e siamo molto soddisfatti.
Edvige Invernici

Ottimo prodotto, tempistiche puntuali, buon rapporto qualità prezzo