Standard formats posters

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Posters: Print them online at great prices!: Print online your posters at very competitive prices. Sprint24 is the online printing press that offers top performance at the right price.

Print standard posters online

Hitting the mark at a distance

Big and lively, the standard format posters strike the attention even from afar. These posters are suited to advertise an event, a programme, a promotion or anything else that need to draw the attention.
On noticeboards, in windows or on a walls, they are certainly noticeable.

Print standard posters online in a comfy and customisable way

Sprint24 guarantees the highest printing quality and convenience in printing high volume promotional and electoral posters. You can order online the products you need, even in large quantities, and communicate with our graphic lab to identify the solution best suited to your communication needs. After having placed the order, you'll receive your posters on time via express courier at the address indicated.

Usage mode:
♦ Advertising, marketing, events, indoor, shops, commercial activities etc.

Technical info:
♦ Various standard formats or customised formats. Various materials, paper weights and printing colours.
♦ Various finishes and folding options.

Attention! Take a look at our PVC, Poster, Canvas and Photographic paper if you need to print onlya few copies in a customised format.

  9.4 / 10

25 Reviews: Excellent

Sito facile da utilizzare. Spedizione rapida e qualità di stampa alta. Di più non si può chiedere

Ho scoperto sprint 24 e non lo lasico più.
Veloci e affidabili.

Veramente bravi ed affidabili !
Veloci nelle consegne ed economici

Veloci, puntuali, seri, affidabili.

Un immense merci à toute l'équipe Sprint24 pour son professionnalisme, que ce soit tant au niveau de la communication qu'au niveau de la production!!!! Travail parfait, nous ferons appel à vous pour notre prochain projet, soez-en sûr!!!
Toutes mes salutations!