Paper Shopping Bags

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Print Customised Paper Shopping Bags: Print customised paper shopping bags: the perfect bag for corporate gifts or for your customers, high quality printig in all formats for every need

Print customised paper shopping bags

We ensure the perfect bag for your corporate gifts or your store's customers, thanks to a high quality printing, laminations and many formats for all needs: customised shopping bags for wine bottles, small or bigger, Sprint24 knows how to satifsy you. Not only, you can also choose the handle's colour, so as to combine it with youe design!

…Do you want to make your customised shopping bag even more special? Choose to print paper shopping bags in silver or gold hot foil laminations for a shopping bag as precious as its content!

Usage mode:
♦ Stores, boutiques, commercial activities
♦ Bags for corporate gifts

Technical info:
♦ Different formats
♦ Glossy, matt, soft touch, sandy laminations
♦ Rope handle in many colours