3d initials

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3D Initials: Print Online, it's worth it!: Make your special day unique with 3D initials. Realise customised 3d initials for your wedding day with Sprint24.
The begginning of the dream

You've chosen your wedding's location and you want to customise it with class and elegance? You've got the solution right in your hands!

Choose one among the different materials we propose to you, send us your file and you'll get directly at home your carved initials, ready to be admired by your guests.

A sophisticated and distinct product to make your special day unique.

Usage mode:
♦ Wedding days, events, special occasions, birthday party, anniversaries, etc.

Technical info:
♦ Customisable sizes. Materials and print colours at your choice.

To organize a perfect wedding as you wish, don't forget to print Invitations, Mass booklets, Menus, Table plans and Wedding invitations.