Coloured Carbonless copy paper

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Main Features

Type: carbonless copy paper
Surface: smooth coloured
Thickness: 60 gr
Uses: used for blocks and copy sets
Producer: Eurocalco

When to use it

It is especially used for copies of the original of sets and copy blocks, in one or more colours. The areas of use are many: administrative, commercial and wherever you need to create a copy of a document.

Chromatic results

Being a coloured support, the coulours of the graphics will blend with those of the support creating unaesthetic effect.

Graphics and layout

Coloured carbonless copy paper is perfect for its role and this is its only use. You can also create non-copying parts.


Being its thickness minimal, it is preferable not to insert confusing graphics that could distract the writing on the overlying sheets and opt for black and white print.

๐Ÿ’š Perfect in its purpose.
๐Ÿงก They do not lend themselves to particular graphics.