Enso coat 1S - one side coated

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Type: Coated on the front, pigmented on the back
Surface: smooth on the front, natural on the back
Thickness: from 210 to 380 gr
Uses: ideal for printing cases, folders, paper products
Producer: Storaenso

SBS cardboard of pure cellulose

When to use it

The Ensocoat 1S one side coated is the right paper for the most demanding: it is suitable for covers, document folders, luxury packaging, or wherever you want to transmit a refined sophistication.

Chromatic results

Being a one side coated paper, its colours will be bright and vivid. Don't be afraid to express yourself with an extended saturated palette.

graphics and layout

The ennobling can be carried out easily: UV painting, hot foil stamping and die-cutting. This is the most suitable paper for packaging and cases of various kinds (e.g. cosmetics, perfumes and similar items).


Exploit the potential of such a prestigious paper... Play on both sides to create effect graphics!

💚 Two different sensations and effects
🧡 Cost slightly above average