Materica Kraft

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Main characteristics

Type: Natural
Surface: soft with slight irregularities
Thickness: from 120 to 360 gr
Uses: for the creation of graphic coordinates, covers, inserts, folders and paper products.
Manufacturer: Fedrigoni

When to use it

Materica Kraft is a very particular paper, both for its rough but soft surface at the same time and for its color, which make it almost rustic, vintage. Also available in the Gesso white version.

chromatic results

Being a "colored" paper, do not forget that white will not be printed, and any detail that has this color will take on the color of the support.

graphics and layout

Materica Kraft is a paper tending to brown, therefore avoid inserting photos, images or graphic elements of yellow, orange or light colors that would risk to be invisible or to be faded due to the color of the paper itself.


Black Print and simple designs will be the key to success for this particular paper and you graphics will receive the right emphasis. Materica Kraft can also be used for letterpress printing

💚 Vintage and rustic appearance
🧡 Not very bright colors