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Main characteristics

Type: Natural
Surface: smooth slightly rough and velvety
Thickness: from 100 to 320 gr
Uses: ideal for printing invitations, business cards, letterheads and company details in general.
Manufacturer: Fedrigoni

Surface treated to enhance the touch and allow a particularly clear and brilliant print

When to use it

The X-PER is the perfect paper when looking for a nice tactile yield and a high print yield, thanks to a high whiteness and a material consistency.

chromatic results

It is an uncoated paper treated on both sides that allows a bright and clear print, very similar to the result of a coated paper.

graphics and layout

We do not want to be unbalanced in saying that it is a perfect paper, but it gets very close! It is very similar to the coated, while maintaining its characteristics of uncoated paper. It has an almost perfect white that allows the printing of faithful images and photographs. Class, elegance and quality.


Choose XPER if you like the yield of a glossy paper and the texture of a natural paper.

💚 Sharp and bright print
🧡 Lamination is to be avoided