Recycled uncoated - Pure 100%

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Type: Natural
Surface: smooth with slight irregularities
Thickness: from 70 to 300 gr
Uses: used for all printed material in general, it has a good color rendering
Manufacturer: Polyedra

100% recycled fibers

When to use it

100% Pure recycled uncoated paper is a good paper for coordinated graphics, business cards, brochures, to which you want to give a green and eco touch.

Color results

Recycled paper produced without optical brightening agents and chlorine-based bleaching agents, high whiteness thanks to a special conversion process for recycled fiber.
The product has a high opacity.

graphics and layout

Thanks to its high degree of white, the colors will be quite faithful, but do not forget that it is an uncoated paper, which will characterize them with a low saturation. In this case, lamination is also to be avoided.


For eco, organic and nature projects it is one of the paper types to consider.

💚 Good white point
🧡 Not very vivid colors