Uncoated white - Diablo

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Main characteristics

Type: Natural Surface: smooth with slight irregularities
Thickness: from 80 to 300 gr Uses: used for all printed material in general, it has a good color rendering.
Manufacturer: Burgo Distribuzione

When to use it

Diablo is an excellent natural paper for the production of diaries, envelopes, calendars, catalogs, menus and price lists, letter paper and letterheads.

chromatic results

It is an extremely versatile uncoated paper, which maintains the characteristics of this type of support intact: avoid solid backgrounds, prefer textual layouts.

graphics and layout

Perfect for textbooks, booklets, cards and consumer materials. Being an uncoated paper, laminations are to be avoided since the slight irregularity of the support would not make the plastic film adhere perfectly, creating unaesthetic bubbles.


Choose Diablo if you are looking for a compromise between a good uncoated paper and the right price.

💚 Versatile
🧡 Does not perform well with photographs and images