Pre-spaced vynil decals

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Print , it's worth it! - Sprint24: Print Pre-spaced Vynil Decals Online on Sprint24. Order now and comfortably get your printed stickers with express delivery.


Pre-spaced vynil decals are perfect for advertising, signage or simple customisation. Their intuitive application with dry technique, simplified by the grooves that allow the air leakage, makes pre-spaced vynil decals usable both for internal and external use.

Sprint24 offers a vast range of pre-spaced vynil decals suitable for all kinds of flat surfaces and provided of a thick film for an immediate and permanent application. Pre-spaced vynil decals are printed on a white and glossy vynil. Mat or glossy lamination are both possible. Realised with high quality materials which allow an unmatched resistance with an average dutrability of 60 months.

On Sprint24 you can set up pre-spaced vynil decals online to make them more suitable for different contexts of application. They can represent a sober but efficient instrument to expose your company logo on the store window or to customise the objects you prefer.


On Sprint24 you can find a vast catalogue of cheap stickers realised with high quality materials. Set up and print your customised pre-spaced vynil decals indicating quantity, dimension, material, printing colours and the lamination you want. Once setting up is completed, we're always available for a free basic consulting: we want to be sure the project developed is in accordance with your business concept. Start now to set up your model choosing the characteristics. The printed stickers will be delivered with a fast and safe delivery service at the address chosen.

Usage mode:
♦ Perfect for the massive disclosure of your logo
♦ Attach them on laptops, cars, scooters for a wide diffusion

Technical infos:
♦ Pre-spaced cut
♦ Application film
♦ Lamination is possible