Prescription pad

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Customised Prescription Pad: Print Online, it is Advantageous!: Order online your customised prescription pads on Sprint24, the online printing press that makes you save money! For every medical practice that wants to stand out.

Print Prescription Pads online

Do you want to customise your prescriptions to make your name always recognisable?

With Sprint24 you can make your prescription pad unique and distinguished customising it as you prefer. You can save money thanks to the online printing and, at the same time, have an original and professional quality paper, always recognisable by your patients.

Enter the desired quantity the number of sheets and send us the graphic, Sprint24 will think about the rest!

Print Prescription Pads for medical offices

Usage mode:
♦ Privates, Hospitals, pharmaceutical structures, medical offices, private and public clinics.

Technical info:
♦ In A4 or A5, 50 or 100 sheets in various materials and colours.
Get help! Download the PDF or InDesign template to create your product without mistakes!

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